Wake Up Tucson

A radio show about Arizona and National Issues.

Over the past 6 years hosting the morning drive show, the hosts have built a loyal audience through great content, a mix of fun and serious interviews told with razar sharp wit and dripping in sarcasm. The guys talk how the sausage gets made politically at a local and national level. They channel a little Jon Stewart, mixed with Dennis Miller’s pop culture references and William Brinkley’s political leaning.

Wake Up Tucson is listened to daily from 6am to 8am on KVOI 1030am. Our listeners are average citizens, small business owners, elected officials, government bureaucrats, executives, key decision makers and people just like you!

Politics Suck….Let’s Talk About It!

A podcast that tackles the big issue of a broken political system in America.

Want to deep dive into national politics? This is the show for you. The hosts, Chris DeSimone and Joe Higgins tackle the issues of the week. Tune if for the big fat discussions on political, social, economic and pop culture. Discuss the topics that affect the direction of America, your family, your career and our collective future. The guys are to the right politically, lean libertarian on many social issues and can take both parties to task if they need it, and boy do they need it. The hosts are fighting to make Main Street America strong again. Forget about EPA, IRS, FDA, ACA, VA, and all the other alphabet soup government agencies that suck up all the attention in the USA, what about Main Street? Who’s fighting for the dry cleaner and bakery down the street? Who’s looking out small businesses, the working families and people like you?

The podcast format gives the guys a chance to dive deeper into the issues than their morning drive time show. You’ll hear guests that can spend the time to tell their story. Clips from the weekly radio show will be played on the podcast and interview excerpts will be played from the podcast to the local Tucson radio audience.

Subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, Stitcher, Zune or many other services. You’ll laugh, you’ll agree, you’ll get angry and most importantly…you’ll learn something in every episode.

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Guest Call-In Number: 520-790-2040